I joined Health Carousel Philippines last June 2016 as this was recommended by my Aunt who currently lives in the US. The application process was done online and was smooth and convenient. A staff from US office called me promptly and oriented me regarding the overview of the program and its benefits. From then on, the whole experience with working with Health Carousel has been smooth sailing. My processing associate, Liza Marie Graza has been very informative and detailed in handling my case. Over the past 2 years of working with her, I am very thankful for her patience and professionalism in organizing my documents and other important matters in my case. I still can’t believe that after all that I have been through, I am now at this stage where I am one step away from realizing my American dream. I will forever be thankful to Health Carousel for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. I highly encourage all my fellow nurses and professionals in the medical field who have this same dream to really pursue it and consider working with Health Carousel. I can truly attest that this institution helps realize your American dream.

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