Hello everyone! I’m Sheena Mae Manzano, I’m from Iloilo and graduated from nursing school in 2016. I started to join HCPI last February or March 2018. They gave me a pre-test that you need to pass for them to grant your sponsorship for your NCLEX exam. They even prepared me by giving a study tool for 3 months with the summary of contents per topic or system where you can get access to and answer lots of practice questions per module which will access your performance in answering the Nclex and they will give you this final exam with 265 items for 6 hours which simulate as a Nclex exam to know if you’re competent enough to sit for your real exam as well. Aside from that, I also enrolled in a review center for 2 months where I learned some test-taking strategies which were a great help for me.  I started processing for my NCLEX application last May and you need to be very compliant since it takes time depending on the state you applied for so for me it took 6 months but it was worth it. My ATT arrived last week of November and scheduled my exam on January 17, 2019, which gave me enough time to prepare. As soon I scheduled for my exam, I started to study and review everything consistently almost every day and I highly recommend Uworld when it comes to answering practice questions and always read and understand each rationale and do not focus on your scores. I went to Manila 2 days before my exam and my IPA (Ms. Kristine Cruz) called me and ready me on what to expect during the real NCLEX exam which is very much helpful to ease my anxiety and what to bring or where the exam center is located. During my exam I was nervous especially when the computer shut down at 75 items and it took me an hour and a half and for me it wasn’t enough and I asked for more questions since I’m not sure with my answers yet so what I did I remained calm, prayed and tried to be positive as I walk out the testing center. I then received the good news the following week that I passed and it was all worth it! Thank you so much Health Carousel for giving me the courage to pursue my dream.

For those aspiring nurses, never give up! Stay motivated and consistent! If you want to pass the Nclex you need to study smart not hard and do not take the exam for granted, remember you’ve been praying and preparing for this. Try to develop a study plan and set goals. Be compliant and be on time when it comes to processing and passing your requirements. Be confident, stay calm and believe in yourself when you sit for your exam and make sure you are well rested the day before and most especially don’t forget to pray and ask for his guidance that will surely lead you to success! If I can do it, you too can do it! God bless and good luck future nurses!

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