“The past 8 years was worth the wait. I was with Health Carousel since 2006 of October, under the Global Scholarship Alliance Program. When retrogression strikes, the program was phase out. With the ups and downs I experienced because of retrogression, I thought my dream to study, work and live in the US together with my family vanishes as well. I lost hope and thought going to USA, pursuing studies was not for me and for my family. But alas! God is really good. He works according to his plan and purpose.

Health Carousel never gives up on my application and continuously providing me the highest hopes. I give my full commitment and trust on them. I lay my trust on them to help me achieve my dream. Requirements were rigid. My scholarship was not pursued but my application for immigrant visa was facilitated by them. It was tasking, the process was rigid from obtaining US license, visa screen, license endorsement, visa application, medical exams to embassy interview. With their guidance all the way, I could say HCLLC is indeed a blessing to me.

To all the staff, specially Ma’am Connie, Ma’am Nyra, Roda and Kimberly, with your patience and dedication to help me achieve my dream all the way through, and answering all my doubts & queries, words are not enough to express how grateful I am. Undoubtedly, PassportUSA/Health Carousel can make our dream come true and how they made a difference to our lives.

Thank you very much and God bless us all” ~Aura

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