It was in 2016 when I first joined HCPI and my sojourn for “American Dream” begun. Specifically, it was a cold October morning when I sealed my contract with HCPI. I was a mixture of emotions and disbelief that this dream can be put into realization but I just put my trust and courage to work for hand and hand with the team.

The company helped me to process the required documents and exams smoothly. Every bit of action in the documentation process came to an exemplary result. Considering that I was in Riyadh, KSA throughout the paper trail, the distance did not matter to accomplish what is needed.

The communication was close-loop especially my IDA, Ms. Lenci Orilloza and all the staff of HCPI. All the staff were patient and helpful in guiding me until I reached my goal. I am very thankful for never giving up and full support. At this time, HCPI has been an instrument that brought my family to live together. Hence, for my fellow nurses, I will encourage you to find the right team to guide and facilitate you, and in my case, I found my home in Health Carousel Philippines.

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