Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Most people believe that Valentine’s Day is ONLY complete with roses and chocolates. The same with IELTS, it always has to be paper-based!


Now, IELTS can be taken either paper-based or computer-delivered for the Reading, Listening and Writing sub-tests. This means the candidates now have the option of taking it by using the computer.

Candidates always feel confident and comfortable taking the Paper-Based (PB) IELTS because they are more familiar with the format. Also, they think that it is easier than CD (computer-delivered) IELTS. Truth is, the test content for both types of IELTS are just the same.


So, how are you going to know if PB IELTS is best for you? Here are the tips:


1.  You should write LEGIBLY using pencil on paper. 

It means that your handwriting is big enough and can be easily read. Whether they are block letters or script, as long as they can be easily read by majority of people. You can check this by trying to write and let others read it. You may also ask your advisor to check it for you.


2.  You must write FAST, and in PENCIL. 

Now, this skill is very much needed in the IELTS Writing sub-test. The minimum word count is 150 words for Task 1 and 250 words for Task 2. Pencils used are grade 2B and are quite rough on paper, and can be easily worn out.


3.  You are comfortable reading books, newspapers, magazines or other media in PRINT. 

During practice tests, you will be dealing with academic passages, graphs, illustrations, charts, etc. This can give you some discomfort if you are used to reading articles online.


4.  You DO NOT have a desktop computer/laptop or a stable internet connection. 

Paper-based IELTS materials are very much handy and you can review anywhere.


5.  If you have SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS or also known as SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS such as visual, hearing, or learning difficulties: 

IELTS can provide the following: Braille papers, special Listening CD, lip-reading version, enlarged print or Speaking task cards in Braille. For complete information, please log on to: IELTS SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS

Ready to take the IELTS?

Ready to take the IELTS? Here are the IELTS schedules for 2020 for both PB and CD IELTS.



For candidates abroad, please check with the IELTS test center nearest you.

For first takers, it is best to take review classes or you can try what I have done, I have reviewed on my own this time because I already took it before so I know the set up. The key in taking IELTS is to be persistent and focused. Use experiences in life in the writing task as well as in the speaking part. Sincerest prayer for divine intervention also played a big part in passing my IELTS.

IELTS Passer

After all the ‘ grit’, victory finally arrived, I received the passing score on the 22nd of December, 2019. This achievement is all because of God’s grace. I praise and thank Him for this perfect
Christmas gift.“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Philippians 4:1

IELTS Passer

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