“After almost 9 years of waiting, I can now finally say “This is it”. I started my application in 2008 but due to retrogression I decided to work & gain more experience by working in Kuwait. I came home March of 2015 because my PD got current, unfortunately that was the only time my previous agency informed me that my employer already abandoned me. So, another retrogression affected me, I searched for agency after agency until a friend told me about Health Carousel LLC (PPUSA). From then, everything happened in month speed! I want to take this opportunity to thank all the staffs/ employees of Health Carousel LLC for being so helpful especially to Sir Karlo, Ms. Roda, Ms. Nyra and Ma’am Connie for being so patient with me and never got tired of my endless questions & “kakulitan”. Please continue to be a blessing to others, I wish the agency more blessing & power! God Speed!”

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