I joined Health Carousel back in November 2014 and it wasn’t a long process I was not affected by the retrogression. The entire process was in order and progressive.
Thought my American dream is dead until a friend referred me to Health Carousel. Been holding all my credentials since 2007, until I’ve decided last 2014 to search for an agency and apply. Only Health Carousel accepted my application at that time and the process began immediately.

It was not an easy process considering I am an OFW applicant. But my Processing Associate, Ms. Liza was patient enough to handle my application. It takes a lot of patience, understanding and a give and takes manner to surpass all the difficulties. They are not perfect nor the best, but one thing is for sure, Health Carousel/PassportUSA will bring you to US of A!

Always be patient, cooperative and compliant during the process of your application.

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