I signed with Health Carousel last October 6, 2017. The process was systematic and Ma’am Liana and IPASS processing team did a wonderful job in follow-ups and updating me about the process. With this, I was able to submit and complete the requirements on time.  Health Carousel provided me some online review materials (HESI/Saunders) and it did help me a lot in refreshing the information that I have read and learned during my studies. After I finished the course calendar, I started reading the books my sister gave me (Lippincott Q&A and Kaplan NCLEX) and also joined the FB live review of Remar Nurse University just before my examination date last May 28, 2018. During the exam day, I just tried to relax while answering the questions and waited for the 2nd Hour break before I proceeded with the 75th question though I opted not to take the break, and the exam finished at I think the 83rd question.

I felt I did lack the preparations for the exam, unlike the other nurses who did several months of reviewing thru review centers or purchasing Q-banks or subscriptions from known NCLEX review programs. But, I believe that prayer and faith with Jesus Christ helped me pass this exam (and all other exams that I have taken), I do believe that if He is in control, it fails proof. Hence, my whole preparation for this exam is about 55% prayer and 45% review materials. It is not by chance that Health Carousel is the company that is helping me achieve my #AmericanDream. So for those who are going to take the exam in the future, choose Health Carousel Philippines Inc., believe in God, believe in yourself and believe in the process. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”- Mark 11:24

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