I joined Health Carousel Philippines last February of the year 2015. I already took my TOEFL when I signed with Health Carousel. I was given instructions through my email for the processing of my application. Though I had to fill out and send numerous forms, they were able to answer all my queries.

Though there were changes that underwent during my processing, they were not able to lose any means of communication. They maintained a very professional and friendly environment for us to be able to feel comfortable and secure with the agency. Though I myself was not able to submit everything on time, they always allowed me to extend deadlines. Also, they were very patient with me, especially when I needed to finish my contract with my local employer before I get deployed in the US.

All in all, everyone was helpful and accommodating, most importantly patient with us candidates. And to all aspiring RNs/PTs/MTs, just listen to the advisors and never lose hope and faith, we have our own timelines.

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