I learned about Health Carousel Passport USA from my Sister. I began my journey with them last November 2017. They had provided me with all my needed review materials and processed all my documents for the preparation of my NCLEX. Everything went smoothly balance between my work in the ICU, my family, and my review.

During my review days, I am committed to complete my modules and passed my comprehensive exam under their compassionate supervision. I even subscribed uworld to enhance my knowledge and got a high chance of passing but few months before my exam date a tragic event happened to me unexpectedly my 5 years old daughter got severely ill, we spent 1 month in the ICU to the extent of losing her. I am totally lost that I was not able to pass my NCLEX. However, Passport USA never gives up on me. They had given me another chance to rest, review and retake the exam with the collaboration of my one and only IPA Sir Mark Cunanan, IPASS and Passport USA. They believe in me, they had given me strength and courage to retake the exam again. I never wasted for the chance and time I had despite of the pain I am sufferings, depression strikes me but I surrender everything to God. I prayed harder, visited churches to heal me and prepare myself for my upcoming exams.

With my two months of preparation, I answered 75 to 100 questions daily and rationalized with the combination of Saunders, Kaplan and La Charity Ed. 4. One week prior to my exam I also listened to Mark Klimik audio which was very helpful and it works for me to organize my thoughts and knowledge. I can say that this was a very tough journey but one thing I learned was being committed, determined and never give on your dreams, mostly have faith from above.

Overall, I thank God for sending me graces to stand again and believe.

To my husband, my children, my Passport USA health Carousel family, IPASS family, thank you very much for helping me in achieving my dream. To St. Joseph of Cupertino, Our Lady of good study, Mama Mary thank you so much. To God be the glory.

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