My US Visa journey hasn’t been a walk in the park. Numerous adversities came which made my dream more elusive and seemingly impossible to achieve. Health Carousel has been consistent and committed from the time I walked into their office for the contract signing up to the moment when I received my visa and airline ticket. I will forever be indebted and thankful to my IDA, Liza Marie Graza for the remarkable job. She has been exceptional, dedicated and extremely dependable in fulfilling her tasks. Despite the challenges and endless delays, she remained optimistic, calm and very professional. Kudos to Ms. Connie, Katie, Meghan and all the hardworking staff of Health Carousel/Passport USA for showing a tremendous and unparalleled effort in helping me overcome these obstacles.

A few hours from now, I will be leaving for the land of wonders and riches. Finally, I can reap the benefits of my hardships and persistence and ready to embrace a new life chapter. Health Carousel is highly commendable and praiseworthy!

All the best and more nurses to deploy.

God bless.

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