As an international nurse, Online Transition to Practice Program is a huge benefit in preparation to successfully practice Nursing in the US Healthcare System.

The training courses greatly support nurses to be mentally prepared and competent, which is highly required to ensure delivery of safe, quality care and services to our patients and clients.

The Modules and Real Life Simulations may look too long and tiresome, but as you go along with the topics that are much related to what you are doing in the clinical area, you seem to enjoy and be appreciative that this  Testing has been given to you by Health Carousel Passport USA.

To add more,  Online Exams helps me gauge my clinical skills, abilities, and knowledge and also increase competency in areas that may show my weaknesses.

To the Health Carousel Passport USA staff, thank you for providing me this online education courses that will further boost my confidence and morale to work as an RN in the USA.

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