I joined Health Carousel on May 2015 and they are very fast in filing my petition with my family as my dependents. Procrastination was the main hindrance in complying some of the requirements because of visa retrogression then, but Health Carousel was very aggressive and never got tired of calling and reminding me all the needed requirements and my procrastination was overcome.

I would recommend Health Carousel to all healthcare professionals who are procrastinating to apply, this is the only agency that really cares for their applicants from the application process to smooth deployment. They will assist each applicant with everything they need. (Ex. Car acquisition and housing)

Special thanks to Ms. Lenci, who patiently calls me and constantly reminding me of the requirements needed in my application and also to Ms. Liza who took over Ms. Lenci during her leave and did the same as Ms. Lenci.

I will always be grateful to HCLLC who helped me and my family to reach our American dream.

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