“I signed in with Health Carousel LLC in October 2016. It was a successful pursuant from my co-worker for 8 months. Initially, I am skeptic about it because I ridiculously relied on my previous Mr. Immigrant Attorney. I feel like do not want to abandon him because abandoning means losing my payments of dollar. Other than that, a likelihood of something unwelcome like “breach of contract” might appear.
I meet my Mr. IA sometime in 2007 when my passion in migrating to USA started. It is easy dreaming a career in America but the hardest thing is waiting. Like any other applicant, I am in halt. Though there is no proper guidance nor solid program I am following with my Mr. IA, we had solemn yet incorruptible conversation and updates up until 2014. He sent a letter stating I am in my embassy interview packet already; however, as he stated, to keep things in order, I have to wait for his call for further instructions. Undeniably, I am happy. My excitement passed a year of waiting for his call until I realized something is not right. I chased my Mr. IA and had known he retired from his lawsuit and cannot no longer handle my case. I tried to seek help from my supposed employer to get done with my papers but I cannot decode their address details nor phone lines. It is my predicament; someone must help me to put back in my track, until I caught Health Carousel LLC.
My experience with Health Carousel came very smoothly and spontaneous. A promising deployment between 8 months to a year wind up at reality. Days, weeks and months of constant reminder, encouragement, full guidance and focus heads me unsubtle to my embassy interview which took place last July 2017. Delighted I received my visa, delighted I am ready to be deployed this month of September.
I recommend Health Carousel to every US immigrant aspirant. Though there are many reasons to thank about this agency, may I name a few. Firstly, they have strategic plan for every need of their client feeding them with guidance on how to do it. Secondly, they are committed well with their client. I did not experience gap especially in communication between me and them. Lastly, I commend the friendly attitude of the staffs. Respect and total understanding are I got from them even though I am behind from my deadlines.
Lastly, I want to point to God, who made my way possible, who put me in aligned with His will and His purpose. I praise Him with all the time, this agency, the process and everyone else He used for my happiness. All things including my failure, my success and my waiting time are for His glory.”

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