“Its common knowledge among Filipino nurses that the past several years have been very challenging and difficult, particularly to those who have tried to reach their goal of going abroad and failed – tried yet again but still encountered difficulties and delays. It wasn’t easy to wait the way many of us did. Waiting that long is never easy. During such an ordeal, it’s true what they say about faith being able to move mountains – and even more so when you have a great partner by your side. That’s what Health Carousel has been to me all these years – an amazing partner. Reliable, efficient, knowledgeable. They were there every step of the way. I am so grateful for choosing Health Carousel as my agency. Thank you so much particularly to Ms. Liza, Ms. Nyra and Ms. Roda. Now I have finally reached my goal – after 8 long years. Thank God the wait is over. Thank you Health Carousel and may you continue to help others turn their dreams into reality.”

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