To be part of one of the best Healthcare System in the world like the US, one should be extremely ready and highly competent enough to make sure delivery of safe, quality care, and services to patients and clients, and Competency Testing like the Clinical Training Program is one of the answers.

At first, the exams may look too long and too boring, thus exhaustion and lack of interest may be felt, though I have no other choice but to carry out it in a given timeline. As I go along with the topics that are much related to what I am doing, it seems that I start enjoying and be thankful that this on-going education is with me and within me.

Furthermore, the course’s Nurse Competency Testing is truly helpful for me to be able to make an assessment of my clinical skills, abilities, and knowledge and to the newly learned information of the US Healthcare set-up. Also, it increases competency in areas that may show my weaknesses.

To the Health Carousel Passport USA Staff, thank you for providing me with this kind of online education that will further boost my confidence and morale to work as an RN in America.

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