“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela
“Life moves in mysterious ways. Who would have thought my long wait is now finally over. Exactly ten (10) years ago, I saw myself with a USRN badge but I guess hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extra ordinary destiny. But I believe time is always right to do what is right. Health Carousel (PassportUSA) made it all happen again. I never thought that this dream will come to reality. This would only be possible through the synergy of this amazing team.
Thanks is not enough, but thank you Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda, and most of all, Sir Mark Cunanan. Sir Mark passionately and patiently performs everything on my behalf. He has a big heart to understand my shortcomings. Kudos to you Sir Mark.
To the Health Carousel team, you don’t have an idea how grateful we are. Without you guys, everything would not have been possible.
To aspiring applicants, stop being afraid of what could go wrong, but start being excited of what could go right. Be a warrior and not a worrier. Life is tough, but so are you!
Thank you Health Carousel (PassportUSA)!”

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