I remember joining Health Carousel mid of 2016 and was applied for a priority date in October 2016. I and my husband were actually pleasantly surprised at how the application went smoothly. In retrospect, the smooth process is probably because of the mastery and years of experience Health Carousel has in deploying healthcare professionals abroad. Whatever questions or needed updates they were readily available to answer our questions and dilemmas.

We would like to commend the efforts and professionalism of Liza and Raissa especially, who were consistent in their professionalism, diligence and of course patience in dealing with me and my husband’s continuous “concerns”. Thank you for taking us far in our journey.

As a second courser, who had to multi-task overwork, study and family matters, I urge my fellow second courses and other healthcare professionals to “Just Do it.” If you possess the ABCs in life, Attitude, Belief (in God) and Confidence that you’ll make it, then you will. There will be continuous challenges along the way but continuous Faith in God, you’ll always be on the right path.

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