“I’d like to thank Health Carousel for all the push, reminders and assistance I’m complying with all the requirements needed to take me to my American Dream. I have been to 2 agencies that had left and abandoned me that was the most frustrating part in my nursing career. For me pursuing the American Dream is the ultimate part in every Filipino nurse seeking to be treated as a professional health care provider. I am standing as the threshold of my American dream with HEALTH CAROUSEL. I know that my life changing/ career shift will unfold and I will make this dream work to my advantage. To make myself to be the best nurse as I can be. To leave my comfort zone and to be topnotch. To learn new and live a life adventure with an open heart and mind, committed to my profession and improve myself to become better if not the best nurse. I will continue to love my job being a nurse but this time at a different setting.”

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