“Since my first contact with the Health Carousel in 2014, they have been very helpful and prompt in their follow up, providing me with the information I need and also in preparing me for the job interviews and immigration process. It has been a very pleasant experience working with them especially Ms. Liza, MS. Roda and Karlo who are genuinely keen in supporting me at every stage of the job hunting, license endorsement and immigration process. The personal touch they have were something that I would not expect from a recruitment agency, but they have it all. They sounded equally excited when I was offered the job and our (me and husband) immigrant visas were approved. Health Carousel played an amazing role in helping me make the next leap in my career and to our family. They understood my needs and competencies and were able to pitch me for the positions that could optimize my potential. From start to finish it was a great experience with Health Carousel.”

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