“I would like to start my testimony by telling a story, regarding my experience of trying to achieve my American Dream.
I am a Batch 2004, October nursing graduate in Tarlac City and started working as a nurse in a hospital by February of 2005. While working, I kept on thinking on what to do for me to be able to go to America. So I decided to take NCLEX. Luckily I passed the NCLEX by 2008 and looked for an agency to help me find a job. I found an agency and assisted me in filing for my visa and had a priority date of February 2010. Unfortunately, due to retrogression the agency abandoned me. After how many years, when the priority date was lifted, I found Health Carousel through the internet and emailed my resume.
Health Carousel have been very helpful to me. They assisted me in all the process that I need to do. They are very supportive and reliable. I will not forget Ms. Liza, Ms. Roda and Ms. Kim who have assisted me in each and every step that I need to take. Now that I am about to leave the Philippines, I still can’t believe that my ultimate dream of going to America is about to become a reality. I am very thankful that I found Health Carousel who have made my dream a reality.”

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