I remember signing up with Health Carousel last 2016 and with regards to the whole process of my application, it went smoothly and in an organized manner. I’m grateful for Health Carousel’s dedication towards accomplishing this #AmericanDream one step at a time. From the beginning to the end they were supportive and very well goal-oriented when I come to finishing a certain deadline. My experience with Health Carousel was satisfactory that I didn’t regret trusting them with this milestone. To my, IDAs thank you for the patience and understanding as I complied my requirements. You’ve guided me well in the best possible way. Lastly, to my fellow nurses I know the process won’t be easy all throughout, you’ll find yourself lost and confused in the process but you’ll find your way into achieving you’re sought after dreams to the finish line. I quote: “Nothing is impossible when you believe in the power of dreams”. God bless us all.

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