Achieving your American Dream isn’t easy. The initial process which is taking the NCLEX requires a lot of effort and dedication. I joined HC last 2017, 2 years after I graduated from college, thinking that after submitting all my requirements I’ll be able to take NCLEX immediately.

However, completing my requirements needs hard work. As I work already in a hospital then, allotting time to acquire documents would mean coordinating to fix my schedule and extending for some period of time to get all of those. In other words, I didn’t get to take the exam in the same year. 2 years after, I am now a registered nurse in the US.

Taking NCLEX is a life-changing experience. You’ll have to set aside dates with friends and reduce your sleeping hours because you’ll need undivided focus/hours in reviewing. You’ll also doubt yourself and be demotivated especially if you need to juggle a lot of things in your hand. You’ll probably wish for more time in a day to keep you going. It also means having an intact and strong support system to get through it. Of course, your prayer warriors will be of great help. During this phase, I would like to thank Health
Carousel for providing me unwavering support.

To Mam Reyza especially for consistently reminding me and supporting me until the day of the exam. They guided me all the way until achieving my license in the US. Thank you very much Health Carousel. May God bless you!

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