I joined the Health Carousel in 2014. What I wanted with this company is that they process my application smoothly and is well organized with what they are doing. It was an easy application, you just wait for the time process to pass and surprisingly one day will be your deployment date. Almost all of my communication with the PAs are thru online and this is very convenient on my part since I’m from the province about 4 hours from Manila. The PAs are very professional. Health Carousel is definitely a ticket to an American dream. It serves best to step into the land of milk and honey and a new exploration to practice one’s profession internationally.


Michael, RN

I signed a contract with Health Carousel last September of 2014. I was then working in Saudi Arabia. I never expected that Health Carousel will spend an effort to call me and follow up with my application. The only problem I encountered was transferring to different agents. I was transferred to Ms. Liza, who is very approachable, efficient in answering my queries and reliable on every updates and email. She guided me very well in acquiring those hard to get documents and even lifts me up in my divorce case which is already irrelevant in her field of work. Thank you for taking time to speak with me, having you as a sounding board was very helpful in assisting me on how to proceed with the right direction and I am so grateful for your insights and advice. I am very lucky to have you in my corner and I just thought you should know that you are doing a great job!

With a humble heart, I bow down to you all and thank you so much for the great effort and for understanding me and pushing me to achieve my American Dream.

God bless you all and more power to Health Carousel.

Rene, RN

After I graduated from college, my only plan is to work in the United States. It is because I think that it is the only way to financial freedom and to be a successful physical therapist. However, I have no idea where to start. My friend just asked me to join her in attending seminars and that is where I found out about Health Carousel. Health Carousel has done a great job assisting me in processing the required documents. My first advisor, Ms. Marianne Nagera, was always mindful of the needed documents and has always been very patient in reminding me about deadlines. My second advisor, Ms. Angela Sta. Maria has always been there to answer any questions any time of the day. She also gave some encouraging words every now and then. I think what I like about Health Carousel is they will assist you in every aspect of the journey. From your safety and comfort up to the challenges and pursuing to do well in our field. I am glad that they have a thorough plan and full support in making our American dreams come true.

Nikki, PT

I joined Health Carousel Philippines last February of the year 2015. I already took my TOEFL when I signed with Health Carousel. I was given instructions through my email for the processing of my application. Though I had to fill out and send numerous forms, they were able to answer all my queries.

Though there were changes that underwent during my processing, they were not able to lose any means of communication. They maintained a very professional and friendly environment for us to be able to feel comfortable and secure with the agency. Though I myself was not able to submit everything on time, they always allowed me to extend deadlines. Also, they were very patient with me, especially when I needed to finish my contract with my local employer before I get deployed in the US.

All in all, everyone was helpful and accommodating, most importantly patient with us candidates. And to all aspiring RNs/PTs/MTs, just listen to the advisors and never lose hope and faith, we have our own timelines.

Suyenne, PT

I joined Health Carousel in 2016 when my old petitioner had its problems because the facility who would petition me was sold. So while I was a volunteer ER Nurse at PGH, I was able to inquire and they were happy to assist me in recapturing my petition and dream to go to the US.

Ms. Liza helped me in every step of the way and reminded me of what I needed to do. They gave me accurate instructions and guidance. Even with some complications, they inspired and instructed me not to give up on my dreams of working as a Nurse in the US.

“Do not give up your American Dream” is what I would tell my fellow workers in the medical field and Health Carousel is more than happy and able to help you.

Thank you and continue to improve the lives of my fellow nurses.



Christian, RN

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in December 2014. As far as the processing for my application is concerned, HC is very professional and committed since day one until deployment. With regards to my experience especially with my IDA, Miss Lenci, she is very efficient and was able to provide a very excellent service. I am more than grateful for everything that HC did for me and for the future of my family. HC was an instrument given by God for me to achieve my American dream.

To all nurses, do not lose hope. Take one step at a time until you reach the finish line.

Make your American dream do come true!

Cheryll, RN

I started with Health Carousel last 2015 and submitted all the necessary documents for visa processing. Honestly, it is a very long wait that is not in control with Health Carousel as USCIS is the one who dictates the time for processing the visa. Prompt sending and compliance will really help the processing to be expedited in the same way because as we know that processing will not pursue if you missed some documents. I am actually very happy especially with how Health Carousel helps us and keep us posted with visa bulletin, updates and requirements to be completed. Ms. Liza, my IDA is one of the very helpful and patient processing associate. I am grateful that she is my IDA because she always sees to it to answer all my queries and concerns. Patience is a vital characteristic that everybody should have. All I can say is that in the end, all is worth the wait. Thank you Health Carousel for making our American Dream possible.

Michael Tristan, RN

I joined Health Carousel in November 2016. It was a smooth process, very precise on documents that you need to submit, hence, it was so easy.

Health Carousel answers all my questions, assures you of any uncertainties you may have.

I have been abandoned by my first recruiter for 12 years but Health Carousel renewed my dreams. Thanks to all of you.

To all nurses, hold on to your dreams and be one with Health Carousel, the one who can make things happen.

Zenaida, RN

I signed up with Health Carousel last 2015. Health Carousel has given their full effort in assisting and guiding me all throughout the process of achieving my American dream. I am grateful to the whole team for their support. To all aspiring RNs who want to fulfill their US career, just the patient and pray, it will come in God’s perfect time with the help of an institution like Health Carousel. More power!

Patricia, RN

I joined Health Carousel in late 2014 and had my priority date on October 28, 2015. Everything was handled very well by the staff despite some delays. Thanks for the patience, understanding and hard work of Ms. Karen, Ms. Connie, Ms. Valerie and Ms. Kimberly.

Thank you for this opportunity and may you continue to help more nurses to achieve their American dream.

Ralph, RN