“I never thought of my American dream coming thru. I was about to give up my dream of going to America to become a nurse and try other countries for job opportunities. But then, I was surprised when the visa bulletin came out last 2013, December my priority date become current. I was waiting for a response from my previous employer but I heard nothing. Only to realized that I was abandoned. I met my college classmate and friend and told me about Health Carousel. At first I had doubt that maybe this agency might be the same as my previous one. But when I started to contact them, they explained to me everything and made me understand how the process works. I signed the contract last April 2014 at the end of the year my visa was recaptured and my papers continued to move. If it wasn’t of the retrogression I was already deployed last year 2015 but then God has other pears for me. Still I am grateful that Health carousel continued to help me all throughout the process, to all processing associates especially to Sir Karlo, thank you for being patient with all my queries. You, the staffs and of course Health Carousel has been part of my success in achieving my American dream.

Again, thank you Health Carousel for everything and more power to the company. God Bless us all.”

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