I joined Health Carousel LLC June of 2016 through their on-site recruitment at Crown Plaza in Ortigas. I had my priority date Sept. 2016. It got approved April or May of 2017, my PD became current 2018 of April or May.  My first interview was with the embassy was July 2018, however, I did not have a facility yet. I got a facility in August. My interview at the embassy was rescheduled to Sept. I had a problem with my medical particularly in my exam result so I waited 8 weeks. My interview then rescheduled to Oct. 22. My visa got approved and the waiting is finally over. The process took so long but I am still thankful to Health Carousel and to my IDA Ms. Lenci for helping me through.

To other nurses who wish to get to the US, signing up to Health Carousel is not a bad idea. Just stay because this agency is doing its best to get you there (US).

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