I joined Health Carousel in 2016 because my sister was also an applicant. It was a long wait due to the retrogression. There were a lot of challenges along the way but I am thankful to the advisors who patiently assisted and supported me all throughout. Initially, Ms. Liza was my advisor the same as my sister’s but eventually transferred to Ms. Raissa’s care. I admire her patience, support, understanding, quick response, and assurance, despite all the hardship in processing the documents, etc. Ms. Roda, Ms. Rochelle (in Raissa’s absence), and Ms. Liza worked together and helped me especially in those stressful moments. With God’s guidance and constant prayers, I was able to surpass all these and move on to the next challenges – in the US. I am forever grateful for they’ve done to help me and my family to reach this stage.

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