“My nine years journey in fulfilling my dreams as a registered nurse was a long and tough one, considering the waiting and the challenges I’ve encountered. However, even though I’ve waited for this almost 10 years since I took the NCLEX-RN on 2007, I felt that I am still not completely prepare on the time when my priority date became current on 2014. The need to find another employer that offers a comprehensive program for aspiring nurses like me was another challenge and I am thankful to Health Carousel-Passport USA for giving me another chance to pursue my plans.
The re-filing was another journey but Health Carousel was there as I went through every stage. I am grateful to all the staff who assisted me who are all very accommodating and responsive to my needs and concerns.
The preparation itself of leaving the country and meeting all the requirements prior to departure was also difficult but it became easier knowing that you are in good hands.
I am not 100% ready to leave home however Health Carousel has helped me prepare in many aspects. Now, I am one step closer to my goals and I can say that Health Carousel will always be part of the success I am looking forward to.”

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