“I really had a long and rough journey in life. A decade of long waiting was the toughest one. There were times when hope is gone and quitting is the only option I had.
However, the Lord is really good. Through consistent prayers and faith in him, he led me to the right path and this was to Passport USA / Health Carousel. Browsed about twenty websites of recruitment agencies in which I was hoping they could help me pursue my American Dream. But, only Passport USA responded to my inquiry. It was God’s plan I thought.
With Passport USA, the long wait is over and I will start another step in life but now, in America. It is a dream made to reality. Thanks to the Lord for this blessing he gave me. Thank you to all Health Carousel’s staff especially to Ma’am Roda, Ma’am Nyra, Sir Mark and Ma’am Kimberly who had been patient with me all along this journey of mine.
God bless and more power!”

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