I came to know about HCPI/PPUSA from the running ads in Facebook. Upon filling out a short form just for inquiry, an agent started filling me in with all relevant info about their process of recruitment. This took place sometime in January 2017.

The process of recruitment was smooth and easy, considering that all the communications were course through email and telephone calls since I was working in Riyadh, KSA at that time. Overall, I can say that I am happy and satisfied with the recruitment process all the way to getting chosen by a facility to the departure phase. Once PPUSA signs you in, they take care of you, your requirements and queries. They provide assistance and close monitoring of your application and paper requirement.

As for me, life is a matter of beginnings. Health Carousel, helps fulfill your aspiration and they guide you all the way – should you want another beginning in your life.

Thank you HCPI/PPUSA for your help and patience.

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