I was excited when I signed up with Health Carousel way back last quarter of 2016. I know that this is the start of realizing my American dream. I was handled by different processing associates/international advisors. And they were hands-on on their jobs, but you also have to update them from time to time. Communication is very essential for fast transactions since you and your advisor are communicating thru emails. The process was fast and smooth. Health Carousel also provided me online training to help me prepare for US deployment. The only long wait for me was waiting for my PD to be current, and the hardest part was waiting for my facility interview and pass it when it comes, I felt down during this, but my advisor somehow enlighten me through the process and I just put my trust in Health Carousel. To all candidates, pray and don’t lose hope. In God’s perfect timing, after 2 and a half years, I will now finally land and work in the US. Thank you Health Carousel.

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