After I graduated from college, my only plan is to work in the United States. It is because I think that it is the only way to financial freedom and to be a successful physical therapist. However, I have no idea where to start. My friend just asked me to join her in attending seminars and that is where I found out about Health Carousel. Health Carousel has done a great job assisting me in processing the required documents. My first advisor, Ms. Marianne Nagera, was always mindful of the needed documents and has always been very patient in reminding me about deadlines. My second advisor, Ms. Angela Sta. Maria has always been there to answer any questions any time of the day. She also gave some encouraging words every now and then. I think what I like about Health Carousel is they will assist you in every aspect of the journey. From your safety and comfort up to the challenges and pursuing to do well in our field. I am glad that they have a thorough plan and full support in making our American dreams come true.

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