“After almost 10 years and two retrogressions, it is a breather to imagine that I have made the stretch. There definitely were a lot of nail-biting, last minute, cliffhanger moments that are certainly not for the faint of heart. But persistence, coupled with the kind assistance of the staff of Health Carousel, enabled me to acquire and complete all the requirements. They practically made every step a little smoother in this lengthy and tedious immigration process. My sincerest gratitude to Ms. Roda, Ms. Liza, Ms. Nyra, Ms. Connie, Ms. Valerie and most especially the ever-patient Ms. Kimberly.

The road to USA may be rigorous and tiresomely long, but it is not unending. I am now earnestly looking forward to fulfilling my dreams, both career-wise and family-wise in Texas with cheerful anticipation and unwavering optimism.

The journey finally begins.” ~Lourdes

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