I have signed a contract with HC in 2015 but started to comply with all my requirements on mid of 2016 (personal choice). Within a month, they were able to file for my petition and monitored the progress in a timely manner. When my PD becomes current, I had some issues which cause a delay but they were very understanding and helpful on my situation. They kept me monitored and was able to surpass all the difficulties.

This is with all the help of my IDA, Stephanie Grace Aglugub, whom I’d like to commend for having exemplary performance on her duty. She is very responsive to all my queries, attentive to details and cheerful to communicate with. She is professional and kind-hearted that you would not hesitate to convey all your concerns. She was able to find answers to my questions.

With my overall experience, I won’t hesitate to bring future USRN to your company. Health Carousel has prepared me professionally for my American Journey.

Thanks a million!

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