My American dream started more than a decade ago. 2007 when I took CGFNS and IELTS and applied for my first VisaScreen. I subsequently took NCLEX in 2010. Then the peak of retrogression and the application were halted. Following years, I personally abandoned my US application. With just a pass letter and expired VisaScreen, I thought it would do me no better and I have to start from scratch to pursue any application in the US.

It was then in 2016 when a colleague mentioned Health Carousel and advised me to go check their FB page. From there, the application went smoothly to taking the IELTS and securing a new VisaScreen. However, in 2017-2018 because of personal variables and the difficulty in securing a police clearance due to workplace and government policies in the Middle East, I became complacent to the point of not answering the calls and emails from Health Carousel. I was contacted by the legal office about the breach, as a result, I made sure to recommit.

I would like to thank Ms. Irma, though not part of Health Carousel now, who I felt jumpstarted my application, by making sure I get a facility in 2019. That gave me more direction and motivation in complying with my application requirements. Her patience and wisdom guided me and removed my doubts. I would like to thank Ms. Raissa, my recent IDA who is being thorough in her instructions and for being patient with all of my queries, she made sure everything is smooth sailing until deployment. Indeed, in Health Carousel, I am well guided and supported. Thank you!

To my fellow nurses, there will be several too many variables that may affect your US application, range of setbacks too. Set a timeline and couple it with efforts. Another thing, communication is the key, clarify and ask your IDA when in doubt. Be well informed, utilize resources from the web regarding your US application. The clearer the path, the better the journey. Lastly, remember, we set the plans, but the Lord will make it happen. Always, always trust His timing.



PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: South Carolina

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