I joined the program last 2017 and honestly, the application process was very easy. I was contacted by an agent and was given instructions on what to do next. Communication was so important during these times because I had no idea what I was doing but my advisors were very helpful in answering all of my concerns. You can feel the care HC put into processing everything for me because I felt like I was not alone. They guided me with every step and assured me that I would not be met by any hiccups that could delay my application despite these troubled times. There were unexpected delays that HC nor I could not have predicted however, communication never stopped and they continued to update me with everything that was going on.

I’ve learned two lessons while undergoing this whole process. The first is patience, you will spend a lot of time waiting and wondering whether or not your applications will be approved but in the end, the wait will be worth it. Lastly is commitment, do not go into this halfheartedly because it won’t get you far.

My message to my fellow nurses is to be patient. Do not be in a hurry, take your time and assess yourself, America is not going anywhere, it will always be there waiting for you.

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: South Carolina

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