My Journey towards the American Dream has always been just a “dream” for me because I know a lot of people have been disappointed trying so hard and yet didn’t make it.

The year 2008 when I passed the NCLEX-RN California exam and because of retrogression, my dream was put on hold. Years passed and I became content with what life had to offer me, and it was good. 2018 came and it was then that Passport USA/Health Carousel has given an opportunity that is way too good for me to ignore.

So, I did what I was told, sometimes I didn’t even get to meet my goal of keeping up with the requirement/s but Ms. Gmae has been so very supportive of me, always egging me on and never failing to remind me of my deadlines and kept on encouraging me. For that, I am truly grateful.

Yes, it may have taken me years to achieve my ultimate goal when compared with other candidates, but who’s counting? I am in no rush because I believe that what will happen is not my will, but God’s own… and with the help of these persistent, amazing and truly dedicated individuals, I am now just a few steps closer to achieving my “American Dream.” So, I am thanking each and every one of you for believing in me and my capabilities. Thank you for encouraging me to go on even when there are times that I become frustrated with the way things are developing.

Sir Joniel, I am so very grateful to you for always making me feel that I am not in any way a nuisance to you even when I kept on bothering you and emailing in the middle of the night when I have queries. For always reassuring me that I am not a bother at all even though you have a lot to contend with because a lot of your candidates got approved almost at the same time, making you busier than ever. For answering my questions patiently and calling me when I need some answers ASAP. Sir Joniel and Ms. Liza thanks so much for encouraging me to push through with my plans of including even my aged-out daughter in my petition,.saying miracles happen all the time. and guess what?  A wondrous miracle did happen on the 25th of June, 2021 when my family and I got approved in the US Embassy. You have been God-sent angels to me and my family.

This dream would not be possible had you not been there to help and support me along the way. Rest assured i will be professional in every aspect when I begin to practice my new Nursing career in the US, keeping in mind the main reason I took up this field in the first place — to make a difference in people’s health and life. I know this job will be demanding, but it can be gratifying as well knowing I am doing what I enjoy the most, helping people.

I just want to let you all know that your efforts were appreciated. From the Health Carousel Staff here in the Philippines all the way to the staff in Passport USA, Mr. Mike Comerford, for introducing me to Passport USA, and Ms. Angela Blair for never failing to follow up on all my credentials and reminding me of my needed requirement/s…a BIG THANK YOU! May God bless you all abundantly!



PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: North Carolina

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