My journey towards where I am right now is definitely not an overnight success story. I joined Health Carousel in 2018 and it was many, many years of hard work. I want to say this was all me but much credit goes to Health Carousel, especially to my IPA and IDA who put up with my visa stress for the past 4 years. It was a genuine partnership without a doubt because we would lift each other up when frustrations start to rear their ugly head somewhere along the way.

It has been a long process, certainly. Setbacks. Delays. Disappointments. Frustrations. Failed expectations. Endless requirements. Name it! We battled more than a few detours, not to mention the RFE status we received in 2019. But one thing I learned throughout this whole experience is this: Patience is not the ability to wait, BUT THE ABILITY TO KEEP A GOOD ATTITUDE WHILE WAITING. It is the calm acceptance that sometimes, things can happen in a different order than the one we have in mind because there are things we cannot control. It is the conscious effort to stay focused on the prize and do not lose enthusiasm no matter what. At any given moment, I could have chosen to withdraw my application and just take the easier and faster route all because waiting felt like forever. In hindsight, however, I am thankful that I chose to be productive while waiting in line, that I remained positive, that I trusted the process, that I didn’t give up. Because this year, I can finally start my new life as a Registered Nurse in New Jersey, USA – together with my family.

To my fellow HC candidates, always remember that great things take time. The whole process will not be without its challenges but be grateful for every single struggle as it will teach you an appreciation of opportunities, patience, and perseverance. One day, all your hard work will be rewarded and what was once a far-fetched American Dream will become a reality for you, too – all in God’s perfect time.


PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: New Jersey

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