I joined Health Carousel’s program in 2017 and it was a long journey before getting here to the home of the free and land of the brave yes, it is also one of the bravest things I did in my career. Health Carousel has been supportive since day 1 despite a few setbacks but it all turned out for the best in the end. Coming here alone would be one of my fears but because of those setbacks, I am now here with my better half. Health Carousel allows you to bring your family with you at your own expense and it’s one of those things I am grateful for.

With that, I would like to especially thank my international advisor as well, Raissa, for being a go-to person whenever I have questions even, though she got sick a few days before my deployment, she still managed to prepare and work out the processes for our flight and arrival. We just need to be ready whenever it is time. It may be slow but we need to trust the process and our leap of faith too.

Thank you, Health Carousel, for being the bridge to reaching this dream. I know there’s still a lot to go through but I am now here to take on the next challenge and I sure will be guided thoroughly.

PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: South Carolina

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