I joined the program in March 2018. I do not have yet IELTS or Visa screen and I have little hospital experience. Health Carousel embraced and welcomed me despite those lacking documents and experience. I was handled very well by Jean Paul Bringas, Joniel Cimeni, and Liza Graza. Paul and Joniel were good listeners when I feel anxious when my I-140 was denied and when the interview date was too long to wait. They assured me that it will be very well taken care of by the team. They were also very responsive to my question/inquiries. They cheered with me when I finally received the interview letter from US Embassy Manila. They were very happy as I am when I finally arrived in the US.

The waiting period has taught me that delays or hurdles are just normal to whatever we are processing, and those delays are not God’s denial but rather God’s protection. He made everything beautiful in His time. My faith has increased because of this experience. They say that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. I will be forever grateful to Health Carousel Philippines and I promise to pay it forward by taking of my future patients and guiding RNs who are still processing their migration. So, to say, to my fellow USRNs who are still in their waiting season, brace yourselves because there is no other finish line you are going to, you will be with us here in the United States!


PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: Maryland

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