I remember it was back in October 2017 when I first took a step towards achieving my dreams. As someone who envisions great things for her future, I know where I wanted to be but I had no idea how to get there. It was definitely a dark and blurred beginning; however, the journey became clearer when I discovered and joined the Health Carousel Program.

Being at this point, I could definitely tell you that the application was not an easy-going process. I wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for my advisors who guided me all throughout the way, Ma’am Liana, Ma’am Patricia, and Ma’am Raissa.

The path to my dream was a broken one. I struggled to find the right turns to make. There was no chance of success if I did everything on my own; luckily, I had Health Carousel to lead me in my journey. Having huge goals for yourself involves a lot of patience and trust. Sometimes, the waiting feels so long it seems impossible to get where you want to be, but the people in HCPI assured me that my dreams are on their way. HCPI’s constant updates and guidance played a big part in why I kept going despite the challenging blocks, and right now, all there is left for me to say is that everything proves to be worth it when you finally reach the place you fought so hard to get into.

If there’s one takeaway that I learned in the entire process, it’s that the first step is always the hardest to take, but when you’re guided by the right hands, everything becomes a lot easier. You will encounter struggles in between the extreme ends, but having these people hold your dreams when you can’t be something you will always be grateful for. To GOD be the glory!


PROFESSION: Registered Nurse

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