I joined the program way back in 2018. My journey was not a walk in the park, since the exams were hard and costly. In addition, it was challenging since it also demanded time and elbow grease. Despite it all, having been assisted by Health Carousel Philippines made it more possible. I wouldn’t be where I’m standing right now without their support.

I have been with multiple advisors during my wait, each with unique personalities and approaches. Some had strong personalities and somewhere bubbly but at the end of the day, they all mean well and wanted to help me achieve my goal. I really appreciate the multiple follow-ups and their flexibility in reaching out to me by means of contacting me thru multiple platforms. The application process was lengthy but worth it. To be honest I was really losing hope since I felt that it was taking too long for me to get my visa interview. It might be a cliché but if you know the saying “all in God’s perfect timing”? I felt that. I learned that there is a big difference between “Pause” and “Stop”.

My journey was in the pandemic which added challenge in the application process. Challenges that caused the slow down on the provision of Visa Interview Schedules due to limited manpower. To my fellow professionals, never lose hope and keep the faith. Always remember why you started your journey in the first place. Keep your eye on the prize.


PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: Nebraska

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