They all say that if you stay in the Philippines as a nurse you should expect to be underpaid and overworked. This is the dilemma that all Filipino nurses face which is why a lot pursue a career in a foreign land. Being a nurse and a future mother, I decided to sign up with Health Carousel the moment I passed NCLEX and IELTS, which was last 2016.

In the beginning, I was diligent in submitting the requirements but since I can’t imagine myself alone in the U.S. I decided to build a family first before continuing my application. In June 2017 me and my God- chosen boyfriend got married, we are blessed enough to have a daughter a year after and a son just a year after. The stress of being a new mom hindered me from complying with the requirements and also, I wanted to add my kids as a dependent that is why I waited for their legal papers to be available.

Throughout the process, I was assigned to various IDA and they all were too kind and diligent to follow up with me in regards to the requirements, their patience was also tested during those times that I am not able to reply to their emails and calls. To Ms. Lenci, Sir Kris, and Ms. Raissa- Thank you! You are all there to keep me grounded and constantly remind me of my pending American Dream. I am so fortunate to have you as my advisor. Please continue to be God’s instrument in helping my fellow nurses who want to achieve something BIG in their careers.

To my colleagues in Nursing, learn to know your worth, if you think you are not deserving of what you have right now- pave your way to the future self that you want to be. You cannot complain if you are not doing anything about it. If you are not happy, why stay? Make your dreams come true by working hard on them, committing to achieve, focusing on your motivations to keep going, and remember that every day is an opportunity AND it is never too late to start a new beginning.


PROFESSION: Registered Nurse

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