I signed up with Health Carousel last February 2018. I was already an NCLEX-RN at that time. I was interviewed in the office in Manila. My first impression when I get to the office is that this company is high-end because of the office setup and how the staff mingles with applicants like me. All were very welcoming with smiling faces. I feel valued as a nurse.

Mutual trust is the key throughout the process. I always bear in mind that Health Carousel is doing the best to get me to the US the fastest way possible. To be honest, there were times that I doubted the process but believe me it is only all in mind. Health Carousel is doing its best every step of the way, so as I. Timely compliance on my part greatly had a positive impact. Deadlines are deadlines no excuses but there are considerations at times.

I salute all my advisors for doing the extra mile for my US dream. Even on weekends and holidays, they are more than willing to assist with all my queries. Sir Mico was my first contact, Ms. MJ and Ms. Nicole were my IPAs. Lastly is Ms. Liza, my Ida who works overtime to just give answers to any questions in mind. I want to express my warmest gratitude to all of you.

In my journey to the US, I realized that there is no easy way to succeed. The process is not easy I must say, there were humps, ups, and downs. You just need to look at where you started and see how far you’ve been through and that pushes you to move forward. Just trust the process.


Message to future US Registered Nurses

Our #AmericanDream is valid. Just pray, persevere and work hard. There are people who believe in you like Health Carousel, you just need to believe in yourself and your ultimate goal in life, I will be forever grateful.



PROFESSION: Registered Nurse
LOCATION: North Carolina

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