“My name is Patrick Deslate. I applied to USA as a nurse 8 years ago, but in the process I was abandoned by my employer. I saw the passport USA online and I was referred to Health Carousel LLC and Health Carousel counterpart in the Philippines. I am thankful that I was able to connect to the Health Carousel because it processed me smoothly and fast. I am thankful for the processing associates who always prepared my documents ahead on time and constantly updated me of the things I needed to prepare in the later part of my visa application and up to the things I need when arriving in the USA. Through the advanced orientations of the processing associates of the Health Carousel, I was able to see what my activity would be when I arrived in the USA. They prepared me of the things which are necessary when living and migrating to USA even before I am still in the Philippines. I am thankful for the Health Carousel that it was able to bridge me from abandonment of my employer to reaching my dreams without difficulty and being well prepared. Being USRN is my dream and Health Carousel perfectly fits to be the key to make it happen.”

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