I joined Health Carousel Philippines last 2016 around August. It was not directly through Health Carousel but I initially registered through social media (facebook) via PassportUSA. I signed it and input details about my current examination and some personal information. Afterwards, I was surprised that I got an email from PassportUSA and I was asked if they can interview me. I was scheduled for a phone interview and luckily I was accepted. PassportUSA endorsed me to Health Carousel Philippines which is their partner here in our country. Health Carousel has been very helpful throughout my journey of going to the US. They always give me an updated of what I needed to do step by step process and assisted me all throughout that I didn’t have a hard time processing my papers. I can easily reach out to them whenever I have any queries, problems or questions regarding the process. The advisors were all great, kind, helpful and very caring to me. They always wanted to make sure that everything will be in place and fine.

To all Nurses/PTs/MTs, you can achieve your US dream through Health Carousel.

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