I started corresponding with PPUSA/Health Carousel Philippines in 2015 via a call from an International recruiter, Mr. Hassan. All my questions were answered excellently with facts presented and a promise to finally fulfill my “American dream”. Completing all the requirements was one of the hurdles and struggles I had considered since I was working then in KSA as a nurse and not in the Philippines. I had to ask the assistance of my family to process requirements from school, PRC and the like. I had to be very patient for this arduous process but Health Carousel was more patient and encouraging. My big thanks to Health Carousel for the entire process of achieving my “American Dream”. It was a very informative, assistive and very positive experience.

Being not alone and having somebody with you eases everything in the process. Health Carousel’s expertise and assistance made these all possible. My sincerest gratitude to Hassan, Liza, Lenci, Kimberly, and Stephanie.

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