I signed with Health Carousel in mid of 2016. Health Carousel is very systematic and organized, from the start of completion of documents, up until the end. Each stage of the application, they will assist and follow up with you, once you comply with all of the documents that they need, you can rely on Health Carousel to do the rest. My IDA is very accommodating and reliable. It cannot be denied that there are challenges along the way, but you can rely on Health Carousel to deliver its promise, which is to bring you to the US for greener pasture. But for it to come to pass, we also need to comply with what they need and for us to have patience and understanding that everything will come at the perfect time. I thank Health Carousel for all the help and assistance that they have provided for me on this journey!


Warner Christopher is now a USRN and will work as a nurse in North Carolina.

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