GOOD NEWS! The Visa Bulletin for APRIL 2022 has come out and the EB-3 priority date for the Philippines remains CURRENT!

Fast Facts about EB-3 Immigrant Visa

  • What is EB-3 Immigrant Visa? The EB-3 visa is a permanent Employment-Based U.S. visa. It is also known as the ‘Green Card.’ It’s intended for skilled workers, healthcare professionals like Nurses & Medical Technologists, and other workers.
  • What does it mean if the visa bulletin says “CURRENT”? If the Visa Bulletin says that the priority date is CURRENT, it simply means there’s no backlog, no wait time, and an immigrant visa number is available.
  • What is a Priority Date? It is the date that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received your I-140 petition (applicants place in line for getting a green card).

Our Role in your #AmericanDream

  • Health Carousel will assist you in achieving your dream of working and living in the United States through an EB-3 Immigrant Visa.
  • We Offer – Assured Premium Processing for your visa petition (for qualifying RN’s).
  • For Nurses with an abandoned petition, we can recapture your priority date, or we will file for your EB3 if you have no pending application yet.
  • We Offer – Assistance in bringing your eligible family members to the USA.


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