I joined Health Carousel Philippines last July 2016, back when only a few agencies accept to deploy nurses to the US.  I am grateful to be chosen and sign a contract with them. From day 1, I already felt their warmth and support. They constantly send updates, follow-up with requirements, etc. to keep me inside the loop.

Like all other nurses, the process was like a roller coaster, full of ups and downs; but, I am thankful to be assigned to a responsive, efficient and knowledgeable IDA.  She definitely helped keep my anxiety at bay. My IDA has been very honest with the procedure, even with the negative turns and unfortunate events about the process. This, however, helped me to completely trust the agencies’ procedures and comply with their requirements. Thank you so much, Ms. Liza, I will never do this without your help and guidance.

Since HC Philippines paid for the majority of the expenses, I expected to receive a minimum salary offer.  So it was a surprise (a very good one) to get an offer above the prevailing wage in my assigned state.  Because of this and all other reasons, I stated above, I highly recommend Health Carousel.  My experience is proof that we really are partners in fulfilling my bigger and long-term goal (American dream.)

To all nurses, PTs and MTs, make the right decision – choose Health Carousel.

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